Weed Control – Winning the Battle in Your Landscape

Weeds are nothing more than plants growing where they are not wanted. There are several techniques you can adopt to reduce the number of weeds in the garden and, therefore, the time spent weeding. There are two types of weeds, annual weeds, such as groundsel and chickweed, which grow from seed, flower and set seed again in one season; and perennial weeds, such as dock, bindweed, couch grass and thistle, which survive for more than two growing seasons and often many years. It is important to remove all weeds before they flower and set seed, otherwise you will be weeding for many seasons to come, and after all, a single weed can scatter many thousands of viable seeds neat and far. Buy Weed Online

Weeds will be able to grow only if there is bare soil waiting for them to colonize, so you can go a long way to preventing weeds by covering all the bare soil in your garden, by planting up your borders and filling any gaps with ground cover plants or mulches. Alternatively, you can use a special chemical between established woody plants, such as trees and shrubs, to inhibit the germination of weed seeds. Such products will also damage the new growth of desirable plants, so they are not suitable for mixed borders containing herbaceous perennials or bulbs.

The best way to tackle weeds depends both on the type of weeds you have and where they are growing. In general, annual weeds are easy to control by using a how in open Buy Weed Online   spaces between plants and by hand to remove weeds among ornamental plants. Perennial weeds are more difficult to eliminate because you have to remove the entire root as well as the top growth, otherwise the weed is likely to re-sprout.  Weed Strains   This can be hard work with some weeds, such as dandelions and thistles, which produce a carrot like tap root, and for brittle rooted weeds, such as couch grass and bindweed, which sent out rots in all directions, it can be close to impossible.

Indeed, if these weeds have become  Order Weed online  established in your garden, you may have to dig up the entire border and painstakingly remove every weed root you can find before replanting the ornamental plants. If this is not a practical option you could try exhausting the weeds into submission by removing all the top growth and repeating the process every time it re-sprouts. The close planting of vigorous perennials prevents weed seedlings from germinating and surviving.

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