Natural Health Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

These days everyone is looking for a way to live a healthier lifestyle, and many have departed from the realms of traditional doctor prescribed medicines to seek the aid of natural health supplements that can focus more on the prevention of disease than anything else. While some doctors may still be trying to deny the new attempts at healthier living, most are on board with health supplements such as diatomaceous earth, because their patients continue to swear by the results and due to the reality that at the very least, DE does no harm. In fact, it does the exact opposite. To understand what the natural health benefits of DE are, you must first realize what it is and how it works.

Diatomaceous earth comes from the earth itself and is fashioned into a digestive friendly supplement that acts as a cleanser for the excretory system. With a hardness of 7 (compared to a 9 for that of diamonds), DE is a very hard substance that, when passing through your intestines, can clean the inner walls, which are typically caked up with mucus, fungi, or other forms of bacteria and parasites. All the things that can lead to cancer, in other words. When DE passes through the system, it tears loose this harmful  material without actually doing any damage to your intestines at all. Substances are passed out of the body through the excretory system leaving a healthier you behind.

As the DE does its job on your colon and kidneys, some passes in to the blood stream, where it can work the same kind of science on fats and cholesterol. While results will certainly vary for most everyone, diatomaceous earth has been credited by many users for lowering their cholesterol count by up to 50 points. What all of these benefits mean for you is this: when you use DE, you stand a better chance of having more energy, greater regularity, and a body that is equipped to fight or prevent the diseases that most commonly kill men and women each year.

Using DE as part of your daily prevention standards is sure to set you on the right road to a cleaner bill of health. With all of the phony supplements that are out there on the market today, it pays to head back to nature and one of its most glorious products. There is virtually nothing to lose by trying out diatomaceous earth. When you do, you’re using an all natural product with no known side effects that at the very least can lead to a healthier digestive tract and healthier kidneys. Before you decide on another choice, read reviews online about the results that others are experiencing when using this product.

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