Job Options for Non-Degree Holders

Most jobs will require a degree as proof of expertise for a particular field, but there are also jobs where you can enter the career ladder even without a college diploma. All you need is to accumulate work experience or undergo the required certificate job training.

Here are some of them:

1. Sales Agents / Representatives.

If you are gifted with words and can easily learn the tricks of the trade, a sales representative job can offer you a world of opportunities. Companies train their ae888 agents and provide them with the product knowledge, it is then up to you on how you will use your sales expertise to sell their products.

2. Dental Assistants.

Even without an extensive knowledge of the workings of a dentist office, you can work as a Dental Hygienist or assistant. Your job will involve assisting in the dentist’s office, serving as an assistant or even as part of a dental team. You can gain more experience through seminars that will expose you on different laboratory and clinical aspects of the job. In many states a short certificate program is required.

3. Air Traffic Controller.

If you would like to be a traffic cop in the sky, apply as an air traffic controller. The requirement for this job requires an enrollment in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a non-degree course offered by Federal Government Agencies. You can also apply even though you do not have any prior experience as long as you are willing to be trained and is not older than thirty years of age. Once credited with the required job experience, you will be tasked to ensure safe departure and arrivals of airplanes.

4. Industrial Production Manager.

As an Industrial Production Manager, you will be the first in line of factory production. You would be supervising the manufacture of goods from the assembly line up to its packaging and distribution. Although most companies would require their managers to at least have a college degree, some would allow non-degree holders to work for them as long as they see the potential and can train you though company sponsored management training programs in house.

5. Elevator Installers and Repairers

If you are a highly technical and mechanical person, you can carve your future as an elevator installer and / or repairer. You can start by undergoing training through apprenticeship programs provided by building contractors. If you want to be a licensed elevator installer, you can take the test administered by the National Elevator Industry Educational Program. There is also a short course offered by the National Association of Elevator Contractors for people who want to earn their certificates as Certified Elevator Technicians.


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